Individual Counseling

Potentially great people have moments in their lives when they need someone who can hold space for them. Someone who will listen without judgement. We see great people every day who need someone to be that person and we work with them on their life journey. Our gift is helping clients see new perspectives, rewrite narratives in their lives, and discover self-awareness. Working towards healthy perceptions of self and building strong relationships helps our clients to establish a more capable, peaceful, and safe environment.

Couples Counseling

We can help when you want to bridge the gap between where you are now and the type of relationship you and your partner want. Relationship challenges happen so we are here to work with the partnership to find and create solutions and manage situations. We work with couples to build skills and provide tools to work through even the most complex of relationship situations. When clients find themselves facing unresolved issues, emotional disconnect and relationship habits that detract from the partnership it takes a toll on the stability and intimacy in the relationship. We assist couples find themselves, grow with each other in mind, and sometimes set up much needed paths of open communication.